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Shipping Methods

DHL Parcel

Standard Shipment method for sets



Germany€ 5,-
Europe€ 10,-
World€ 16,-


Priority Mail

The cheapest shipping method for orders up to 1 Kg. Items will be shipped in a flat letter sized box, so unfortunately original boxes can't be shipped this way.



Germany€ 3,50
The Netherlands€ 5,-
Europe€ 8,-
World€ 8,-


Extra Services

Tracking and insurance

This method will add an additional shipping fee of € 3.-

- Tracking is not available in every country.

- Shipment is insured up to € 35.-

For orders that exceed the weight limit of 2 kg or that need a higher insurance value, please contact us for a personal shipping quote. We would be happy to advise any potential customer on the best and/or cheapest shipment method available to them. Last Updated: 23 Apr 2014